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+ - Return of Jidai (Season 2)- +
+ - Return of Jidai (Season 2) - +
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Jidai Major/Minor Update: v1.6.1 - +

November 11th 2017, 22:19 by Grave Breaker
Grave Asakura Here...yes I declare war on not just one nation but all nations!!!

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August 2nd 2017, 16:56 by Omnicron
Hello Everybody,

+ I Promise its not a revamping of anything or such, BUT its that time I need everyone to grab all their techniques that have been a approved and place them up under this board by the type that they are if its for characters be sure to place a "Spoiler = Name of character" and if its for the site do the same but instead have it read "Spoiler = For Site"

+ The reason for this is …

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Closing Down...
August 25th 2017, 18:13 by Omnicron
With the site being a wonderful thing, and time being taken from me more and more, I know I have been a way for a long while but its for good reasons as to why. Allowing the test site of Naruto Jidai to continue to run for so long I thought It was time I started working on the new home to continue our future to continue our stories to give others a view on the world we built together. For that …

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Leave of Absence
August 9th 2017, 18:51 by Omnicron
I will be leaving for a bit for a trip for a week. If anything comes up please contact Grave or Enjin for help they will be able to help.

Starting tomorrow till Next Friday.

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July 30th 2017, 18:58 by ViciousWulf
Can someone please baby step me through the Humanoid PvE process? My brain isn't working rn

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