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+ - Return of Jidai (Season 2) - +
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 C. Glossary of Dices

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PostSubject: C. Glossary of Dices   September 10th 2016, 17:21

+ - Glossary of Jidai Dice- +

> Each dices plays a very important roll on the side if anything. It should be noted that some dices come and go if anything but they will always be recorded here when new ones are obtained or come out into the site. Please take a look and get familiar with the “Dice of Jidai”

+ Special Dice +
> This is used for the influences on enemies Attributes, its effect is random and must be rolled with this dice to see what is it. This must be rolled with the same amount of actions taken.
+ Sides: 7
+ Use: Rikudo Sage’s Six Treasure Weapon: Seven Star Sword

+ Summon Dice +
> Used in order to determine rather or not you actually get sent to one of the four unknown villages that hold the scrolls of, Toads, White Snakes, Slugs or Monkeys. Getting an even number allows you but an odd means you stuck within a rip in time and space for hours.
+ Sides: 8
+ Use: Summoning Results

+ Exercise Dice +
> This is used in order to obtain gains in order to move the characters to the next level of training or even allow them to become stronger depending on the results rolled.
+ Sides: 10
+ Use: Training Gains

+ Sunder Dice +
> This helps determine the percentage of how much damage the weapon hit with sunder loses.
+ Sides: 10
+ Use: Sunder Ability

+ Forge Dice +
> Some Seeds require a dice to be played to determine how well one did in creating an item.
+ Sides: 20
+ Use: Forging

+ Character Dice +
> This is used to roll and determine a character's base nexus attributes start with.
+ Sides: 10
+ Use: Character Designs

+ Battle Dice | Enemy Battle Dice +
> The accurate way to see rather attacks hit or misses you or your target. Aim high as this will earn you a better chance at hitting.
+ Sides: 20
+ Use: PvP and PvE

+ Sneak Dice +
> This helps with sneaking into other countries that are locked. Be aware of the results as one will have to score at least 15 or lower in order to sneak into the country without being caught by the guards and arrested.
+ Sides: 30
+ Use: Sneaking into Countries Click Me!

+ Treasure Dice +
> No matter what, finding something on the ground is common in places like our world. Search for the rewards that can help within the story line of the world. Be warned though some things can never be found so easily so its best to be on guard for the results that will be shown. Read more on this page to get the idea what is earned.
”Results of Roll:
+ Sides: 100
+ Use: Defeat Enemy (Review Ranking Guide)
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C. Glossary of Dices
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